Second Stimulus Checks for $2,000 a Month for Americans is Possible

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A one time check for $1,200 for most Americans simply doesn’t cut it. With unemployment at an all time high rate, many US citizens are out of work with no pay and they have bills that keep piling up. Especially as we near towards the first of the month many of the bigger bills are due such as rent, mortgages, car payments, etc.

That $1,200 payment doesn’t go very far and Congress is starting to realize that which is why the $2,000 per month for Americans is gaining huge support and could become a reality.

Have you received your first $1,200 Stimulus Check? If not, you are able to track that via the IRS website tool where we show you how you can do that.

If passed, married couples that earn less than $260,000 per year will get a total of $4,000 per month and another $500 per child for those that qualify. The child cap is set to a maximum of 3 or in other words $1,500 in addition to the $4,000 per month. This could last up until the pandemic is over so at least for a few months is a possibility.

If you aren’t married, individuals who make above $130,000 will receive 5 percent less for each $1,000 they made above the threshold amount. The same also goes for for married couples filing jointly who make $260,000.

The Bill proposed also states that Americans who make $99,000 or more are not eligible for a stimulus check and jointly filing married couples making more than $198,000 won’t get anything either.

If the this goes through and is approved by Congress, Americans would receive their first payment 14 days after the bill is enacted.

US Citizens that filed a tax return can receive the money through ACH direct deposit, mailed check, or pre-paid debit card.

You may also want to check more resources available through Government Grants that allow free food, rent, and more.

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