How to Set a Landscaping Budget That You Actually Stick To

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Taking time to create a well-planned, beautiful landscape for the yard of your home can add incredible value to your property.

But before you begin chopping down trees and laying new lawn, it’s important to consider what type of landscape will suit your family’s needs and your budget.

You also need to consider curb appeal, as ultimately, this determines a large part of the resale value of your home.

But first thing’s first, let’s get into how to plan the ultimate landscaping budget with this simple guide.


How to Create a Landscaping Budget and Stick To It

So, how much should your landscaping project actually cost? Well, a good rule-of-thumb to keep in mind is that it should equate to 5-10 percent of the total value of your home.

The includes a broad scope of project deliverables, including decking, patio installation, irrigation, ponds, fencing, plants, shrubbery, and lighting.

One thing to remember about your landscaping project is that you don’t have to finish every element at the same time. It’s a little more practical and easier on your budget to space out your landscaping elements over time.


Budget Planning Basics

The first thing you need to when determining your landscaping cost is to create an itemized list of anticipated expenses.

Just some of these garden design ideas could include:

  • The removal of old trees, shrubs, and plants
  • Planting new trees, shrubs, and plants
  • Replacing your grass
  • Excavation of the land in your yard
  • Installation of water features
  • Installation of a garden irrigation system
  • Construction of fences or walls
  • Construction of hardscaping i.e. a patio, pathway, rockery or arbor
  • Tending to drainage issues
  • Installation of exterior lighting
  • The maintenance or upgrade of a porch or pergola

To bring your budget to life you’ll need to do research on what each of these project elements will cost.

Don’t forget to factor in hidden costs, such as a potential increase in your electricity or water bill after your landscaping project is complete.

Once you have determined costs, draw up a timeline of what you can afford to complete and when.

Remember to be 100 percent realistic about your landscaping project. Your budget should be detailed, organized and easy to track to ensure you are well within your expenditure limits.


Sticking to Your Budget

Here are a few key steps to remember when sticking to your landscaping budget:


1. Research is Key

Looking to expand your yard? Don’t forget to do research on what your county or neighborhood allows for in order to avoid costly mistakes down the line.

Research the best types of flowers and greenery for your climate and yard layout as well as the best types of contractors in your area for non-DIY jobs.


2. Listen to Your Gut

If a landscaper or garden-center staff have tried to sell you an idea, but you’re just not sure about it, always listen to your gut. Listening to free advice is not always worth it!


3. Browse and Compare Prices

It’s absolutely free to shop and compare prices on contractor quotes, shrubbery, greenery, and other garden accessories. Feel free to shop around and find your best price to suit your budget.


4. Avoid Buying on Impulse

Just because a plant looks pretty when it’s in full bloom doesn’t mean it will survive in your yard! Make sure all your purchases are measured and meaningful.


5. Buy Second-Hand Where You Can

A great way to stick to a tight budget is to do a little browsing at an estate and garage sale. Here you can usually find used tools and plants for a steal!



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